Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh flippin heck this................ just not fair!!!!

I have a friend, Miss Mission Team Leader, who a few years ago explained to me about Fair-Trade. I had heard about Nestle and how they where not a good company to the Third World but I didn't really know what it was all about and what they actually did by giving expectant and New Mums some free baby milk powder; they start to feed their baby this milk powder, their breast milk stops...they can't afford to buy the milk powder so they make up the formula far to weak and the water used isn't sterile in some cases it is poluted, the baby either starves or dies from water born bugs or pollution. Nestle are also not known for fair-trading with their coffee beans either. So when MTL explained it to me in detail, with a heavy heart I stopped buying my favourite mint chocolate sweet After Eight Mints and all other Nestle products for myself.

I was in Tesco yesterday getting some shopping and took a trip up the sweetie isle and saw a nice large packet of Rowntree Fruit Pastilles...I looked on the back as I was sure they used to be called Rowntree Macintosh? But there in Big letters Rowntree Nestle!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it means even more sweeties I can't have anymore...Thanks Mission Team Leader for the enlightenment.
Praise the Lord that Cadburys Dairy Milk is OK to eat unless someone ruins that for me as well.