Thursday, May 03, 2007

a Confession

Well I am a complete idiot...please don't agree to readily without reading why!!!

When we arrived at Gatwick (I didn't actually get more than 20 minutes sleep in over 24 hours) I was waiting at the luggage carousel for our suitcases, and our bags came out as 3 of the first out!!!! Crikey I thought lets go!!!! I waited for Mrs EB to join me.(she had been to powder her nose) Off we went past customs...(phewwww, why do we always sweat at that bit?) We waited for our car to be delivered. and off home I drove. Well I did the M23 and M25 to the M40 then Mrs EB drove us home.

Once home we unloaded the car, I put the suitcases and our holdall in the Kitchen. Mrs EB was about to open the holdall and looked at me. She said that isn't ours, it doesn't even look like ours!!!!

I have never felt so ashamed and awful in my life, and I have done a few bad things in my life. My heart sank, I panicked!!! I didn't know what to do, the person who's bag I had must be panicking and feeling awful.

Mrs EB phoned Gatwick then Virgin. I had to go back to Gatwick, I wanted to go back there and then. Mrs EB said NO. I was in no fit state to drive 350 miles with no sleep in nearly 36 hours. We had a bit of tea, and went to bed.

I woke at 5:30 the next morning and drove to Gatwick again!!! went to the short term car park at £3.40 per hour!!! and then to Virgins help desk. I waited there for 20 minutes for very helpful young lady to escort me to arrivals baggage claim. I had to go through a special screening with the luggage I was bringing back!!! which was so scary what if that bag had got drugs in it or anything? then we tried to take that bag back into luggage claim. NO it wasn't my bag, even though it was screened I was not allowed to take it through or be with it when it went through, only the Virgin rep could? so we took that bag back to be re-screened, then she took me through person screening, where I was searched, more thoroughly than I have ever been searched before. Then onto baggage claim, and there was our holdall sat on the floor next to a window with a jolly chap. He checked my passport and boarding card and ticket stub, He was happy it was mine. Then through nothing to declare (sweats again) and a goodbye to the Virgin rep. Then I had to find my car!!!! Not easy as Gatwick short stay is huge and is spilt into colours, why didn’t I notice that when I parked??? all this took 58 minutes.

Then a Drive back to Sutton, I was back in Sutton for 11:30am...which I think means I went over 70 at one point. When I arrived at home I realised I had driven off that morning without actually taking my house keys!!! Mrs EB had to drive home and let me in!!! I am now a complete IDIOT.