Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Las Vegas pt1 (crikey that means pt2 must follow)

Las Vegas is a amazing place; it is fast, loud, brash, seady, fun, and very big. This is New York. New York the hotel opposite from our hotel. This is a front view (partial) to give an idea of size. The next photo is from the one side, a replica of Manhattan Bridge runs down part of the side!!! please see how small the people look!!! The 3rd photo is the other side. Inside it just gets bigger (timelord knows about that with his tardis) On the gaming level they have a whole New York block with houses and eating places ets... Totally amazing.

This was our Hotel the Excaliber, a fun place to stay at, though we were on the 22nd floor of the tower block on the left of this picture!!! 2nd and 3rd photos are taken from the room at night.

This is the Strip from a bridge from our hotel

The hotel on left was the Luxor, which is just beautiful inside.

We went on a Helicopter ride!!! to see the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead a 150 mile man made lake. The onto the Grand Canyon the next 2 pjoto where taken from inside the the Helicopter so there is a little glass glare.

The above photo is of Spirit Mountain, the native Indians belived they could see the face of their ancestors in the side of the mountain. Below is a close up of the mountain, and below is a face.

The helicopter landed on a so called Cowboy Ranch!!! well at least there were Joshua Trees on the Ranch.

Mrs EB with a Joshua Tree.