Tuesday, May 08, 2007

That was the week that was

I have had a busy old time since we have been back. My mind is a little scrambled as I have had a stomach bug and sleep has not actually been happening.
Thursday I went with some friends to see Thin Lizzy, Styx and Deep Purple at the NEC, a brill evening. Lizzy were just fantasic, STYX!!!! my fave american band ever!!!! where just perfect, they finished on my fave tune "Come Sail Away" and blew me away. Purple were Purple and I loved them.
After the show I was starting to feel a bit rough which is nothing new as I tend feel bad if I push myself anyway. I was rudely awaken by a migraine at about 4am. and then at just after 8am to be very sick. I spent the rest of the day being ill. I nearlly didn't make the weekends planned getaway!!!!

Anyhooo over the weekend Mrs EB and I visited Bournemouth, we went with Amy and Amiability and Skip and stopped at Amy's Mum and Dad's amazing sea view apartment. I had never been to Bournemouth and thought it was beautiful. One incident happened whilst there. Saturday night, I couldn't sleep, I had bad stomach cramps so I was listening to Mike Oldfield on my IPod and thought I would go stand on the bedroom Balcony (Told you it was an amazing apartment) and look at the sea, it was about 4:30am and the world was peaceful. I had been out there about 10 or so minutes in my PJ's and the wind was just making me a little cold so I turned around to go back into the bedroom and there was Mrs EB standing there looking at me!!! I jumped out of my skin and nearly over the balcony!!!

Mrs EB said she had been speaking to me but as I had got my earphones in I hadn't heard her.....mmmmm. I think she just wanted to see how high she could make me jump!!!!

Last night we popped round to the TARDIS for tea with the Timelord and had a jolly fine evening...though by now with lack of sleep my mind was not working very well.

Well after taking a nightol Last night I actually got a good sleep the first for a long time
Crikey this my 200th Posting!!!!!