Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Las Vegas 3rd and final posting?

Ok here is the final instalment on Vegas...Huzzah I hear you say. (I have to be honest and say it probably wont be the last as we saw and did loads and as I keep remembering stuff I will without doubt blog about it...sorry)

mmmmmmmm Romulan Ale (tasted just wonderful)

Well we went to a Bar called Quarks...Now I am a Sci-Fi fan and if you know your Star Trek you will know where Quarks is from? Star Trek Deep Space Nine!!!! And yes The Hilton had gone and built a replica of the Deep Space Nine Bar along with various characters

it was a real fun place and I had a Romulan Ale, a blue beer, that tasted amazingly like a Bud!!!

We also visited Down Town Vegas where you can get your body pierced 24/7 for $10 or £5, why would you need to get your navel or elsewhere pierced at 4:30am is beyond me, but what do I know?

Also it has the worlds largest gift shop with just so tasteful advertising.

Now I am all for free speech and I am all for enjoyment but Bikini Bull Riding? I just don’t see me going along, for one I would look awful in a bikini...

As we went up towards the Down Town of course there are loads of wedding chappels even a drive through? (I did wonder if you got fries and shake with your wedding?)

I really liked Las Vegas, though once the weekend came round I found it a little busy for my liking also a little loud, I have never heard so many woops and shouts as someone wins a few dollars. I did think I would feel scared in Vegas as I have watched COPS and other programmes on the crime in this town, but neither of us felt threatened or scared. In fact I felt very comfortable walking about at any hour. There are a few downs, like the timeshare sales in the hotles and the "flick flick guys" (they flick busines cards (with ladies details on) and try to give you them) on the streets but all in all a good fun adult playground.