Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday Night

Last night we went to share Mission Team leaders birthday, with a Chinese buffet, then onto the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. The meal was great, loads to eat and a good laugh. Then the cinema...I haven't been to the cinema for years, I really do not like going to the cinema. I had some advice a few year ago from Chris, after I told why I didn't go, he said it was good for me to avoid situations that make me anxious or uncomfortable. Well I bit the bullet and went last night. I really enjoyed the film, but hated being there. I just couldn’t fully relax I felt on edge and uneasy..oh well at least I know I still don’t like it at the cinema.

The film is a great romp and full of laughs and Johnny Depp is amazing again, he is just so good.