Friday, May 18, 2007


Well after receiving loads of requests Ok about 3 I have now joined Facebook. I am not 100%sure as to what it does apart from another website to keep updating? If you are a member add me via my email address or I am sure you will find me if you look hard enough...

I have had a little bit of work this week wooohoooo, that always make me happy, so a very big thank you to God and anyone who has been praying for me and work, health wise not to brilliant at the moment, I seem to be in a bit of a down with very bad headaches and that causes some nasty stomach upsets...but I am feeling slightly better so thank you for the prayers.
We are off out for a meal with some friends tonight, I am really looking forward to catching up and just chatting, chilling and having a nice meal. After reading Rob Bell's book it is so scriptual to eat and spend time with friends. I am not going to argue with that.