Wednesday, May 16, 2007

That Wednesday Feeling

Since we have been back from America and for a few days before I haven't been very well. I still don't feel good, I wake up and feel like I have been on the booze for a few days and have one heck of a hangover. Not much fun really.
I have just taken things easy and rested and cooked tea for Mrs EB. I have been up to my parents a few times, my Mum and Dad’s fantastic dog, a border collie called Jake, has just has a cataract operation, he has been totally blind for about a 6 months now and he was bumping into things. Well he had this operation on Friday and was aloud home on Saturday, we popped up and he was so happy to see us!!!! he has a small complication of an abscess on his eye, but the vet thinks it should clear up. Though this morning my mum has said it is a little bigger.
I woke up this morning with a paraphrase of part of "Thank you oh my Father" going round in my head. Teapot has added the Chorus to the comments, thank you;-)
"When I stand in Glory;
Then I will see him Face to Face"
This is the truth!!! AMEN.