Thursday, May 03, 2007

Las Vegas pt2 (pt3 the final part next)

In Las Vegas there is a hotel called The Mirage. Famous for the Siegfried and Roy Magic Show before a tiger attacked one of them and they retired. They have opened an area called the Secret Garden with White Lions and White Tigers also Dolphins.

In the area that Siegfried and Roy used to do thier show has been converted into a round theatre where Cirque du Soliel perform the best show in the World "Love"

I have written about the show beforein earlier blogs, but I will say it was the best show I have ever seen. I will mention the Revolution Bar an interactive Bar to have a drink in. It is Beatles themed and is amazing, it has walls that change pattern, windows that become portholes. Staff that wear naff 1960's outfits. It is just the tops and I loved it in there.

Also around the Casino is an area to win an Orange County Chopper Themed Love Bike, I really wanted it but I bet a couple of Dollars and the winning line didn't come up.