Thursday, May 10, 2007

TTFN St Tone of Sedgefield

Tony Blair has annouced his resignation today, he is to stand down on June 27th 2007. A long time coming, but also Tony has been an amazing PM and I thank him for that, he has taken the country from a complete mess thanks to Maggie T and John "greyboy" M. To a strong and fairly fit country.
I have had a lot of time for St Tone, though the past 12 month has seen my enthusiasm wain, as he ums and arghs and basically looses the plot.
We need a strong socialist Prime Minister, one who cares about the poeple, Education and Health, one who doesn't care what the USA thinks or what Europe thinks, but one who actually cares about those who have elected that party into power, the people of the UK. I really do not think it is Gordon Brown and New labour, I wonder who it could be? I don't think it is any party out there yet.
I really wish we had an Honest Christian Party of MP's...