Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Palm Springs (Palm Desert)

A 4 hour 280+ mile Journey across the Mojave Desert.Not very much happens in the desert, apart from a rest stop for breakfast in a Denny's Diner that is best left well alone...Hicksville USA with the dirtiest bathrooms ever. We did see 2 roads signs the first is just screaming for a Country and Western song to be written about it "25 miles from Yermo".

The 2nd sign, we have no idea how to pronounce it? May be Yankie Doodle could help?

We arrived in Palm Springs then we drove a few more miles to Palm Desert. Wowwwwwwwwww what a place; it is beautiful. All very clean and tidy with white sand and tall palm trees. The Apartment we had was really nice with a balcony that over looked a lake and the mountains. Each day Humming Birds would be busy collecting nectar or cobwebs.

The Hotel in the grounds had a lake with Flamingo and Black Swans which was just wonderful to see.

In the grounds as we walked to go to one of the two or so swiming pools in the 100+ heat we even saw a "Meep Meep" Roadrunner!!!! this made Mrs EB laugh as I was running after it to try and get a photo!!!!! But I did eventually catch it in my own sort of Wyle E Coyote way ;-)