Saturday, May 26, 2007

Phewwww Glad its a Bank Holiday weekend!!

Well Thursday I was busy at Cube working hard, engineering and producing stuff.
Friday I had a busy day here making adverts for London.
Today I have recorded Mrs EB for the last track for Mullins Burgers album, that is now all mixed and a CD has been given to Mullins Burger. I have uploaded the album to my IPod; I think it sounds great. I hope it sells well and gets some funds for Mullins Burgers education.
I have also been doing paper work and now I have an awful headache!!! grrrrr. Today it is Mission Team Leaders birthday and we are sharing a meal later with her and some friends which I am really looking forward too.
All in a very good week, though I am suffering for it being so busy...Grrrr I wish my health was better.