Thursday, May 10, 2007

IPods and ITunes

I am one of those people that likes things in some sort of order!!! I know if you are Mrs EB reading this you have now raised your eyebrows so high they have hit the ceiling. But I do, I am a messy person. I can't keep things tidy to save my life. I love it when they are tidy I just have the ability to mess things up in seconds. But that doesn't mean I don't like order. I load the dishwasher I put things in, in a certain way it gets things clean and I can get a full load in the dishwasher, its neat and tidy...I know, I must be some form of OCD.

Anyway I like order, that is why I love my IPod. In ITunes I can order my albums and music into various categories and folders. (Before I had my IPod I actually couldn't stand ITunes, now I think it is the Bees Knees) Both Mrs EB and I use the same ITunes to load our IPods, and I generally load the music, so I know where all my music is. Order!!! with over 4200 tracks there needs to be some sort of order.
Whilst in Vegas (told you I would mention it again) I went to NAB, a media trade show, one of the reason we went to Vegas when we did was so I could go this show. I bought some more Sound Effect CD's for my studio. These are extension packs for a Collection I have already called The General. There are 110 CD's in this collection and I have plenty of other collections as well. I have decided to rip them all in Tunes and Burn DVD ROMs as a back up and stick them on my Spare Hard Drive ...
"Why?" I hear you cry.
Well I like order and when you rip them you get a full track listing and with the search engine I have it will be 10x faster to find the tracks off HD rather than CD.
I have had a really nasty stomach bug since Palm Desert and I am in a bit of pain, the past two days things have been a little worse and I am stuck in the house in leaping distance of the loo, so with my time I am being quite a nerd with CD's and Itunes and DVD ROMS, nothing new there then.

Next posting will quite possibly be about Camp Snoopy!!!!! in LA