Monday, July 02, 2007

Another day

With thanks to my friend Somerset Bob, I am now eating Porridge with Spenda for my breakfast...well it tastes great and it reminds me of damp school mornings and running for the train (yes I do have a very good long term memory).... I also believe it is doing me the power of good. My blood sugar (BS) is coming down slightly which is a wonderful thing.

I should be seeing the diabetes consultant this week and I am sure diet will come up :-s I am working on that myself with a nice diet of fresh fruit, (juicing it) fresh vegetables and chicken. I am also aiming to do a small walk most days. This should help with the blood sugar and with a little medication I should be able to bring my BS levels down to a steady level.

I still feel bloody awful and yesterday I felt like I was going to be sick most of the time and my headache was just so intense I couldn't stand it. I missed Mrs EB leading worship at church and even a beer afterwards!!! lets hope that once the BS is level I will start to feel much better