Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I read a few blogs most days, I like to feel a few bloggers have become blog friends over the years as we have exchanged views and thoughts.

One Blog friend is pondering quitting or changing to a new identity because he doesn't want potential employers reading his blog...When I started to blog I decided I didn't actually want to blog under my own name as I liked the idea of a pen name, I also didn't want nutters stalking me. I like to blog as I have said before it is a cathartic way of getting things off your mind and chest, I have a lot there at the moment, many emotions all trying to take over.

I am slowly coming to terms with my Diabetes, there was really nothing I could have done as it is genetic, (well maybe not eaten as many sweets) or so I was told yesterday, I also had to ask my mum to get in touch with my siblings and get them to go to the docs and get screened for diabetes, I am hoping and praying that each of them is OK. I am sure that I once my BS and my liver are a little better I will feel much better as well. I was told yesterday my liver has a form of genetic hepatitis as well, so it is no wonder I have been feeling pants for such a long time.

My new medication is interesting "Metformin", I took the first dose after tea last night, after 40 minutes or so I was feeling very strange; in a way I haven't felt since I last took waccy baccy in the 80's before giving my life to God. Metformin is to try to bring down my BS then it will help to regulate the BS.