Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Another day

Today is July 4th, American independence day...and it is one of those days that Matt and I would have been having a laugh at our cousins across the pond.

I really miss both Matt and Chris, I dreamt about Chris last night, a strange and surreal dream, but it was just wonderful to see and hear him again. I woke up feeling sad and happy together, grief is a strange master of the emotions.

It is at times like this, when I miss my two friends so much that I actually have to stop and give thanks that I knew them and that they shared their short and very fruitful lives me.

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind,
I offer up my gratitude to you for Matt and Chris;
They were Men after knowing your pure heart and they had a passion to spread your Good News.
Please send your comfort to those of us who miss their passing for here to you;
We shed a tear for ourselves and not for them as they are in your Glory sharing the fathers feast.
I ask this simple pray in your Name.