Friday, July 27, 2007


Another week is winding down...

This week has been quite good, I have had a couple of jobs from London in. I have been to Church to help out with the Computers. This week also saw a specialist come and install a new speaker system. Paul the deacon has been looking after it, so I kept my nose out. I popped in yesterday once it was finished and gave the new system a blast. I am very impressed. Mike and Paul gave it a run last night at music group practise and said it sounded amazing, I came down just after and had a chat with Paul and Mike and had a listen to the radio mike and see what they thought. All in all everyone is very happy. When I got home Mrs EB said all from music group were so happy they could hear things!!!

Both Mrs EB and I are very excited about the Boat, I have been working on designs for the artwork and the name for the Boat and Mrs EB has been looking at route planners for narrow boats. So now we know how to get to Great Haywood!!!!