Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a breath of fresh air

Around 12 years ago I gave up smoking after being addicted to smoking for well over 20 years. I woke up with the flu and just couldn’t smoke as I felt so sick, the next day I was feeling a little better and wanted a cigarette but thought, if I had managed 1 day without, how long could I go today without one? and that has been my challenge ever since, some days I still want one even after 12 years...I guess it is not dissimilar to an alcoholic with booze.

I am amazed at the kids today I see smoking? When I started in the 1970’s smoking was bad for your health, you shouldn’t really smoke. Today everywhere it is known that smoking kills!!!! Yet still they start. My one wish for this government is for a law on selling cigarettes to anyone under 21 and to put a super tax on all tobacco products so they are just too expensive for kids to get hold of them.

I know it is possible for people to stop smoking if they so wish, because my mother who started smoking in the 1950’s stopped at 70 year old just like I did a couple years ago.

I heard someone in my local high street moaning that they could no longer smoke in one of the local Indian restaurants anymore.....what a shame you can't ruin someone else’s meal with your smoke... and I have to say it was so nice to sit in a pub on Sunday and not have to even think about where to sit. I know I have friends and family who enjoy a cigarette but sorry guys it is now our turn to enjoy the freedom to breathe relatively clean air now. I really hope that the smoking ban will be the catalyst for many smokers to stop smoking, I know most health services are offing free patches, gum and other aids for anyone who wants to stop.