Friday, July 06, 2007


Another week has gone by and I don't feel that I have really achived a great deal.

My health is still naff, though my blood sugar does seem a little more stable around the 11 mark. I am being quite careful with my diet. Porridge for breakfast, a light lunch and then a nice balanced tea of chicken, potatoes and veg. I made a soup yesterday with the chicken and stuff which was OK, a little to much sweed and carrot as it tasted a little sweet, oh well trial and error. I am also eating uncooked peanuts as a snack, these are also a wonderful food for diabetics, so I hear from my font of infomation Somerset Bob. I don't have the cooked salted ones as they are very fatty and covered in salt.

The tablets I am taking for my other ailments are having a very sleepy effect on me, I am sleeping later than usual and I am quite tired when I wake up and feel I need another hour or so in bed. I am not doing that as I try to be ready should any work come in at 9am...not happened yet but you never know do you?

I was listening to the World Service news the other night, around 1 million die in Africa from Diabetes every year, it is the 2nd biggest killer after Aids related illnes's. This is a poverty issue and is criminal. a related link sent by Somerset Bob

I haven't had any work through this week, which is a blow, I felt I was making headway. I really do wish I was better at marketing.

I have eventually sorted my online banking for business account which means I can now pay my clients online which is a good thing and will bring down a small costing on my banking.

I am doing the sound at 2 funerals next week at church, I don't mind doing the sound at the thanksgiving services even though they are very sad. I do miss Chris at those times, I used to do the sound at the services he took. Chris was just wonderful at those times with the families and did amazing euolgies.