Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday again.

Well that was a great weekend. Well an interesting started off at 8:30am Saturday with Mac a chippie coming over to do some woodwork around English Blogger Towers. Now he is a great chippie but he does like to I stayed in my studio most of the day editing videos, coming out to make coffee and bacon sandwiches. When Mac finished at about 5:30 I rushed to get a Bus...(I know me on a bus) to meet Mrs EB in Brum, we met up and went to Jimmy Spicer’s all paid for by someone else..the best sort of food. Mrs EB had been a very busy bunnie all day examining Dr's!!! Afterwards we popped to Jens for a 21st Birthday party which was wonderful and we saw some great friends including Timelord and Teapot.

Sunday was our 18th wedding anniversary....I know but I was 7 when we got married ;-)

Anyhoo we went out for the day Sunday looking at various sites for a mooring for a boat…oh? I hear you say. Well Mrs EB and I are thinking of buying a narrow boat. We are thinking of selling up English Blogger Towers and getting a flat around our locale and then having a boat to retreat to as and when. I am guessing this is something I will blog about later when things are signed and sealed!!!! I know but I can’t say too much at the moment. We did have a really nice day out and saw some nice places though. Also I am guessing friends will like to visit and go for a trip up the cut.