Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A few busy days

I have had a couple of busy days, I have been at Amy's school helping her with her school musical play...helping is a little bit over an over statement really. I have supplied a few mics and a small PA and sat and watched the show whilst firing the CD and turning on the mics. I have really enjoyed myself, her year 6 class are wonderful and very funny. Also Amy paid me with a scrummy meal of roast half Duck at the Hedgehog, very tasty, they also had some wonderful sounding puddings...but they are now off my menu :-(

Mrs EB and I also went and booked a mooring in Great Heywood in a new marina, we met Geoff one of the owners who talked to us about the marina and what else they are doing there...he was very funny and could really talk!!!! Jenny who works and lives there with her Grey Hound on a boat was really nice. I think we will be very happy there. The mooring we have booked is really nice with great views of the area. All we need now is a boat!

My friend Summerset Bob has posted some wonderful pictures of sand sculpture in Western and I said I would try and dig out some we saw in Florida 12years ago!!! blinking heck that makes me feel old.