Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Crikey nearly a week since I last blogged!!!! My health over all is a little better, though today I don’t feel so good. I am now on tablets twice a day after meals (metformin 500mg) and I keep forgetting to take my tablet after breakfast.

We went out last night to Brum city centre to show some friends what it's like around Symphony Hall. We had a really nice time, and boy was it full of Narrow Boats round there.... The School holidays have started and it seems everyone has headed to the waterways of Birmingham.

We are in the middle period of buying our Narrow Boat, it was surveyed last week and a number of issues were raised and these all need to be put right, then we have another inspection...this will not be for another two weeks really so we are just sitting and waiting. We have not decided on the name yet, we have a few we like, we also need to find an artist to do the artwork...not sure where to actually find one that we can trust...but I am sure the internet will answer us.

I am trying to decorate...and I am making a hash of it, I am not a decorator I am far to clumsy with a paint brush. We are going to tidy up the house and sell it and buy a smaller place and use the boat as a getaway home. The logistics are still being sorted as I need to work from somewhere!!!

I have spent a few hours at church... The offices have moved out of the main building and into port-a-cabins as the renovation started Monday and I set up the PC's in the offices and then got the network working again on the various PC's. It should have just be a matter plugging into the hubs...but it wasn't!!! some would work, others wouldn't.

Mrs EB has a nasty cold that has nearly taken her voice away .... and she lead worship on Sunday sounding quite husky...but needed to come home from work on Monday feeling quite ill. My PC has something wrong with it so I am doing all I can to fix it without having to reformat the HD. Thats about it really....