Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Date changes

I am now seeing a Dr R at the local hospital on Monday instead of Friday, but it is bright and early!!! at 8am...phewwwwww 8am....oh well.

On the whole I am feeling quite naff, but now I don't know why my blood sugar levels remain very high even after eating my oats? they are staying up in the late teens and popping up to the twenties on occasion. It has been quite fascinating to do the blood checks and actually see how I feel compared to the BS levels.

I was speaking to friend of mine the other night and he said it explains how I could down a pint of Sunkist after a dive in a few seconds!!!! It does make me wonder as well. My BS seems to be on a rollercoaster ride, either very high or middle ground high, the other day they actually came down to what most people are, around 6, but that was like a small blip!!! Hopefully once I see Dr R I can get them down and steady with drugs or whatever.

I can honestly say after reading the booklet I received, I understand a little more about my Diabetes and the ins and outs of what I can do and what I can eat. I am still a little confused about Carbs and Oats? both are slow release; one sends my BS sky high the other just sends it slightly high. I need to ask Dr R about diving and the do’s and donts I do want to continue with diving. I know you can dive with diabetes as long as you are in full control of it. But always best to ask rather than assume. (crikey I am becoming an adult!!!)

Work wise it is very quiet again, I wish I was better at marketing myself I really need a few clients ....