Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday a new week and a new start

Yesterday at Church was amazing:-

Team Leader preached on the values of Christianity and forgiveness in the morning and used the last Dr Who episode to illustrate the sermon. I think it was one of the best sermons I have heard in ages. It was funny and so to the point, I am sure everyone there heard the message and it will stick.

Sunday evening was a sermon the Team Leader didn’t really want to talk on, but it was done so well. Hell !!! was the subject and do people live in hell or do they just die? I won’t go into the in and outs here, but I will say what was said was true and very hard to hear.

I saw the consultant this morning...and basically my life will never be the same again...I have medication to take daily (metformin), and I have a liver problem that may never clear up... and a metabolic syndrome? (basically a lot of problems in my blood) This was also hard to hear. I am so glad that Mrs EB came with me to the hospital because I am sure I have forgotten most of what Dr R said. The new medication is going to be in stages as the old liver is an issue, after a week I double the dose then in 6 weeks I have to see Dr R again and I will get another medication to take....Dr R was a really nice and sweet person, who is doing a very tough job, his clinics are so full he is now starting them at 7:30am!!! which is the time I will be seeing him next time.

Anyhoo it looks like I am being a good boy and looking after myself since I heard the news, he was quite pleased with some of my blood test results. especially my liver enzymes so keeping on the sugar free diet, eating porridge and having smaller portions seems to be the order of the day for a long time to come.