Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Food; One of life questions

A friend has questioned "Do I think of anything but food?" Thanks Heidi!!!

I am going to be honest, yes, but food is a very important part of mine and Mrs English Bloggers life. I think about all the usual things in like, God, friends, work but I do plan food. Some people "eat to live" we "live to eat." It works like this: We plan a holiday to say Florida, one of the first things Mrs EB will do is surf the net and find some amazing restaurants we will then plan our days out, say 1 day Theme Park, one day Shopping Mall etc we will also plan where we want to eat say Red Lobster, Texas to Brazil, Denny's for Breakfast that sort of thing.

Mrs EB and I really enjoy food, we love Curry, we love Steak, we really enjoy eating out. I was a chef in my early life and I enjoy cooking but not for myself, I love to cook and watch people enjoying the food. Food is one of life's pleasures it releases endorphins in the brain, flavours enhance memories, and savouring tastes and textures is one of the beauties of life. Food is a passion of mine, I love good food, and I have to be honest I hate bad food; Bad cooking!!! There is no excuse, it is all about time and blending. If you don't know how to fix an engine you go to someone who does or you get a Hain's Manual. If you don't know how to cook go out and eat or get a recipe book. I also hate it when people go "I won't eat that look at it urghhh" right have you tried it? NO!!
MMM try it, you may just like it, if you don’t like it after you have tried it no harm is done, go get something else. Mrs EB is excellent on trying new things, and now she loves so many new food's she never imagined before we married.

Food is more than just putting energy in the engine and sustaining life. Food is about life itself, it's memories, experiences and above all shared company and love. So Heidi, to answer you, No, not really my life is based around food, does it show?