Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday - Farewell for now Chris

Revd. C J Rankin

Yesterday we said farewell to Chris. I had the privallge of sharing this day with 4 very special people in Chris’s life from our Church, these for are of course my friends as well Stephen, Heidi, Karen and Ed. I won’t go into the details of yesterday, because it was a very emotinal day and I am still too raw.
I will say that what was said at the Thanksgiving Service was a good reflection of “Revd. Christopher John Rankin” a Man of God on a Mission. Chris was a true friend to many and very much loved, he will be missed by those who he touched.
I have learned from this awful tradgedy that I want to spend more time with Mrs Englsih Blogger and my Friends and a little less time infront of the TV and my PC's. I also want to be more on fire for God and use my talents a little more for God, how I can do that I am not sure just yet?