Thursday, September 21, 2006

Help or not help?

I live what most in the World would call a blessed life, I have more than enough to eat, a nice roof over my head a car and nice things about me. I enjoy the security that I won’t be hunted be hunted down and killed for my Religious or Political Views I have the free right to express my views where ever and whenever I want. You should have seen me shout at God on Malta on the Sea shore over looking St Paul’s bay last Wednesday!!! (I think I’m lucky not to be locked up for being insane by the looks of some people)
In today’s world of have and have not’s it is only right to help those who have nothing or live in fear of their lives, if someone actually knocked on your front today with total fear on their face and blood on them and said they needed help would you really slam that door in their face? Or would you let them in, sit them down, phone the police and help them? Well read
Tales of a Timelord’s blog from lastnight.