Sunday, September 17, 2006

Matt and Chris, my friends, thank you

Two friends

I have been home for a few days now, and I still feel pretty much the same as I did in Malta; though being back is so much better. I have spent many hours at Church being with people who love me and cared about and Loved Chris and Matt. I have spent some time with Steve, Viv, Al and Heidi. This was just love and love again, I have lost two friends they have lost a best friend, husband, brother and son and friend, no words can ever express that sort of loss. But we have the knowledge that they are in Heaven, and that is the one binding fact that joins all together. We know we will be with them again and they are in Glory.

Matt was my “Office Partner” we shared our days together, we did lunch, we talked and shared our thoughts and problems. I loved my days “Chewing the Fat” with Matt. We agreed on all the big things and argued over the fine points, much to our amusement. He often would end an argument by calling me Butt Ugly and Fatty and a whole lot worse and we would laugh our socks off. Matt was a true Man of God who loved Christ with a Passion and that passion burned in him to share his faith. Matt wanted to whole world to Know the Lord and he often talked about how he would love to travel and share. I did suggest India as we loved to have an Indian meal together. I have a very happy and wonderful memory of when Shelagh was away in Brazil and Matt and I meeting up for a beer and a Curry at CafĂ© Garden, Matt was a thoughtful friend and he knew I would be very lonely without Shelagh so insisted we go for a Curry and chat. In a way that sums up Matt, someone who would look after everyone else, who cared for people and loved his friends and would be there for them.
My heart is broken for Heidi, I just want and need to be there for her, Matt would want to do the same if this had happened to me, he would just be there. Al, is Matt's younger brother and Matt loved Al so much, we often talked of how proud Matt was of Al and how Matt could see the strength and wisdom in Alan growing and how Matt admired his Alan’s faith. That was a brotherly love I was so blessed to see.

Chris was my confident, I shared my inner thoughts with Chris, and I shared some very hard times with him, Chris never judged me, he cared and prayed, he offered advice and he gave me a shoulder to cry on. Chris had an amazing sense of humour and a laugh that would send a room into gales of laughter. He may have been short in height but he was one of the biggest Men of God I knew. Chris was a foodie like myself and Shelagh and we shared some wonderful meals together and the odd bottle or 6 of Red wine. I could put so many stories about Chris, he was accident prone and things just happened when Chris was about, he had a memory of a sieve and would forget just about anything and everything. Chris lived life at 90mph and would fit 25 hours of things into a day and that sort of sums some of Chris up a man on a mission so don't get in his way please.

My two friends, enjoy this time together, but please save me a large Magno, I’ll be along soon.

God Bless you, my two friends and men of Faith, you shared some time with me, I thank you for that, I am a better person and I believe a better Christian because of you.

The photo's are:-

Matt, myself and Chris sharing a joke and a beer

Matt doing his Freemason impression

Myself and Chris enjoying a joke