Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Warm Wet Seas

Tomorrow Mrs English Blogger and myself are popping over to Malta for a week to see Mrs EB's brother and his partner Julia. Whilst there we will be diving most days, above are 3 photo's I took during last year’s diving and 1 picture Mrs EB took. The first picture is of the three most common fish seen on a dive in Malta, the 2nd is a a Goby known as the Star Gazer and the 3rd is the Blue Hole on Gozo as seen from Below and the 4th is the Blue hole from above.

It was seeing the Blue Hole on Goze that gave me the bug for Diving, I just saw that amazing clear blueness and wanted to jump in. Well on Saturday I should be diving that again along with Amanda and David, two friends who are coming with us on Holiday and Ian my good friend, though he wont be diving the Blue Hole as it's an advanced dive and Ian has only done 1 try dive. We will be taking Ian in again and enjoying some shallow dives, and hopefully a night dive, a wreck dive or two and of course enjoying the food and beer.

We have been diving a few years now and it is a Hobby I really enjoy as does Mrs EB, I just wish we lived a little closer to the south med so we could go a little more often. I am a bit of a softy and will only dive in warm water, I do get asked to go to English dives but as I hate being cold and wet there is no chance I will go. Unless global warming takes effect PDQ and turns the English Channel and North Sea into 29c Med warm seas I can't see me Diving in it.