Monday, September 04, 2006

The Weekend ends here

I had an OK weekend, we did the odd bits and Bobs: shopping for our Malta trip on Thursday; We took Mrs English Blogger's mother out for Breakfast to Frank and Benny's in Glouster, mmmmmmbig breakfasts. I put a new bit of software on Mrs EB's laptop, so she can now have all of her Dives from her Dive Computer on her PC.

We then had a massive Indian Takeaway and watched a documentary on 9/11 filmed by a French cameraman who was actually making a documentary about a rookie fireman at the time. Wow I was really upset watching it all again. I just couldn’t believe the courage and determination of these fire fighters, all they wanted to do was be at Ground Zero and do what they could to get people out. They worked 24 hour shifts then they where supposed to take 24 hours off, but these guys would grab a bit of sleep and just head back.

I honestly wept so much during this programme; the awfulness and helplessness of the situation; as one fireman put it “When a 110 story building comes crashing down, and not a desk, PC or Telephone can be found, what chance is there we will find any whole body?” Another fireman said “We dig then if we are really lucky we find a body, then we get told to clear the site because of collapses, you can never find that body again” It must have been so hard for those brave men. I just wonder what the after affects will be? Seeing all that tragedy, breathing all that toxic smoke?

I do Pray that God will be kind and gracious to those Brave people who looked after Ground Zero from 9/11.

Sunday was a fantastic day at Church, our minister is back after a few weeks away on his hols. (well deserved) It was a sort of renewal Sunday, and he spoke so well on it and how important Prayer is if we want to move forward. He did make the odd gaff, which did make me laugh, but I honestly love that in our minister, he is human, he does make a mistake, and he is a true man of God, and I love him for that. I have learned so much from him over the years, and he has been there for me during some very tough times in my life. I am so looking forward to hearing what he has to say in the next term, shame I won't be there on Sunday.