Saturday, October 07, 2006

Angus & Linus

Introducing Angus and Linus our two Turkish Van Cats (swimming cats)



Angus & Linus

They are 12 years old and have been with us since they were 12 weeks old, Angus the boy and bigger of the two is a great big softy who sleeps 23 hours a day and loves to be with me all day, if I am in the studio so is he, if I pop down stairs he’ll follow. He gives me a big cuddle every morning on the bed when Mrs EB gets up and really protests when I get up.
Linus is the smaller girl and Mrs EB is her Mummy, when Mrs EB gets home from work and sits anywhere Linus has to have a cuddle and will stay there all night if she let her. She is the more vocal of the two and will shout and meow for no reason for what seems like hours. She is also the Boss, and she knows it, if Angus comes near her and she has “one of her moods” you could be mistaken that Angus has just mugged her and cut off her ears, yet she is absolutely fine and dandy, just “Crying Wolf”

Anywhooo these are our cats and they hate fireworks, loud bangs and us being on Holiday, they love company and Prawns, Tuna, Coley and lots of fuss.