Thursday, October 19, 2006

Home alone again!!!

Well I am alone again for the evening, Shelagh is away in London overnight so it’s me and the Cats again. Angus is staying on the bed today again anyway, so he probably wont even notice, I haven’t seen Linus yet, so my guess is she has found a snugly spot and is there for the day as well.

I have been routing around the house finding all of our CD’s (isn’t it amazing were they turn up?) to put them into Itunes for our IPods, I have also been to a few online places to buy the odd album I no longer have, I gave all my vinyl away many years ago. By far the cheapest place I have found to buy online music is a Russian website called
all of mp3 with albums from $1.99 or about a £1 which to me is jolly fine as I have already bought this music once. I just don’t know how legal the website is?

Like most people I have a few Worship songs I really like, ones I like to listen too, ones I like to sing, (though what I do few would actually call singing) ones I like to just hear being sung when I am in Church; I love hearing some Worship songs being sung as a solo as well. Amy sang a new song last week and it was really nice to hear it sung the right way first. I always love it when Mrs EB sings live but I am biased. Anyhoo whilst finding CD’s I found one of my old Newsboys Albums “Devotion”. The Newsboys are by far my favourite Christian band. I don’t think I have heard anything they have done that I don’t like? One of my favourite tunes they do is the Worship Song “In Christ Alone” which has this stanza:-

And as He stands in victory
Sin's curse has lost it's grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Brought with the precious blood of Christ

Those are just the most perfect words in any Worship song* (*in my oppinion), they just say it all. Keith Getty and Stuart Townend are just amazing. Though The Newsboys have done the best arrangement of the song that I have heard.