Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday - Mmmm nice food

Well it's Sunday again!!!Boy does time fly, anyhooo I went to church and enjoyed it, though I did have one eye on the new CDR. I then went to The Tardis for Sunday Dinner, a jolly fine feed it was as well. Though Rudolf and Roddy failed to show up!!! I had come along to clip their hoofs as well after Tiger mentioned they where sharp.The Timelord and Teapot put on a fine spread, and pudding was just wonderful, Mrs Freelancenerd is eating well and I am beginning to think she has a special hollow leg to put all that food away in, so it doesn't add to her weight.Mrs EB should be back sometime soonly, She is taking her friend Mandy Manatee home first so I hope she will make it back for Church or I will see her at The Bishops later. Here are 3 more photo's all where taken in Florida at Universal Studios on the Jaws ride.
(again click on a photo to see a full version)