Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How I got into blogging….

It was a dark and stormy night, a shot rang out, a maid screamed…..(that was for Snoopy fans;-)) During the last general election, Matt and I were getting very angry with all the spin and bulls**t that was being said by all the main politicians, so we started our main blogs, Matt’s then at Matt Sellers co uk (now his company) and I used an MSN one. We used them as a way of venting our frustration at the political world and each other, some of our convocations got very interesting as our political colours came out, mine a little redder than Matt’s his a little more Galloway. Anyhoo we used the Blogs to also vent our mirth and total incredulousness at the stupidity of what was happening. After the election we both rested our Blogs and got on with other things really until about Feb of this year when I started up again when I started to think about the Death penalty again, when Matt found out about a man on Death Row who was about to be put to death without a fair trial. That really upset us both, though Matt and I had slightly different views on the death penalty (we’re both against it) as I said in a previous entry, we agreed on the main points it was the fine points we could argue about until the cows or wives came home. Anyway my views on the death penalty are the very first entry on this Blog February 2006 as that was when I started this Blog off. I do regret wiping my original Blogs as they had some amazingly funny comments by Matt on them and I would love to reread them again. (Ahhhh I found 1 of my old blogs this has some comments from Freelancenerd, the archive has got a little corrupted, I will set up a new blog and post my old blog with Matt's comments, this blog will not be an open blog or will anyone be able to leave comments, it will just be up to read so it isn't lost forever)

OK the Old Blog is here please only look at this Blog if you are ready to read some old posting from Matt.

Mrs Freelancenerd Snr has decided to call it a day in the blogosphere as she feels she has said all she wants too about things. I don’t blame her. I guess one day I will stop again, when my head says enough. I really enjoyed Mrs Teapots Blog and her writing was excellent, much better than my ramblings. Thank you Mrs Teapot for your Blog and thank you and The Timelord for Dinner last Sunday ;-)