Friday, October 20, 2006


Mrs EB is back this evening but I am out with Curley Al for a Balti, I know who would of thought me going out for a curry?

There was a Church meeting last night, it was a good meeting the building project is moving along and Cath’s projects are really exciting, She is such a busy bunny. I don't know how Aaron could be so cruel to Cath and post that picture on his blog. I would never have dared to post it, but I am scared of Cath, cuz she is very hard. *sniggers*

Monday will see my proper start for holiday club, I’ll be setting up the sound and stuff like that. The scene screen boards are looking top banana and talking to some of the others involved the excitement is building, I wonder if the kids are as excited?
Apart from a little work coming in from London it is pretty quiet. I am looking forward to spending some time with Mrs EB this weekend and seeing some old friends for tea Saturday night.
(Again click on the photo for a larger version)
Another photo from my wildlife collection, a grey squirrel (no really) hiding in logs at Coombe Abbey Coventry.