Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some waffel and thoughts for a Thursday.

Well I had about 3 hours sleep last night, I had a migraine and felt like chucking lumps all night...which is nice. Also my brain is going so quickly it is like a cheap watch. Anywhoo I had a good listen to Radio 7 and the world service so it's not all bad.

I am off to Cube again latter this afternoon for an hour or so, which will be great, I love their studio it is so tasty.

I am off to the Ballet this Saturday, I have never been before and I am really looking forward to it. With most things I sort of know what to expect before I go, with this I have absolutely no idea. So Romeo and Juliet in Ballet, let’s hope I am not like Martin and I actually get something out of it other than pink Jelly Babies.

I have been thinking about the last few chats I had with Matt, we used to spend many hours talking about most things in life and as you chat you tend to say many personal things that become a confidence between you. Matt was a very good listener, I hope I was for him. I suffer from depression and Matt had suffered as well and we shared how to deal with it. We also shared about various parts of our life’s and I feel very privileged to have been a part of Matt’s. Matt loved to talk about The Bible and was well read and understood it much better than I do. It was always good fun to talk about a sermon or find a subject that we had differing opinions on and get Matt to open up and really go for it. We had some amazing discussions on the death penalty. Matt was always passionate about how he felt, as I am. We would discuss and put our arguments to each other, go off and eat or even meet up for a lunchtime curry and chat away often for more than the "Lunch Hour". Rarely did he lose his temper or get annoyed, he would use his humour to sideswipe an argument. All I will say is he changed my mind about a few things and I hope I planted a few seeds for my side of an argument on his side as I am sure I did.

One of Matt’s other passions was his Mountain bike, he even sold his car so he would actually cycle more, when he came out of an evening for a beer and curry with me he would cycle, I did wonder how he managed to cycle home sometimes, especially after my birthday curry and the Magno?

As the days pass into weeks and the day to day running of life carries on, as it must. I am very slowly accepting the facts. I am understanding that accidents happen and that what happened to Chris and Matt was an accident. It doesn’t stop the questions like why? and as intelligent people I think asking questions is important. God is the only all knowing entity and only he has the answers and one day we will understand. So some questions will go unanswered at this time, God will be there for each of us and will give us no more than we can handle. But please do remember Heidi, Stephen, Viv , Alan and Viv’s Dad Leslie,Chris's Mum Dorothy, Carol, Andrea, Simon, Jarrod and Lois and Chris’s brothers in your Prayers.