Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday night

So last night was an evening of parts:-

Part 1

The Balti; Curley Al and I went to Café Garden for a Balti and chew the fat, it was just a fantastic time of catching up and talking and just being with a friend. Al had a Chilli Chicken Tikka Massala it even smelt hot!! It looked great the sauce tasted nice but I am not going to be having one in the near future. I had Lamb Tikka Balti with a garlic and Chilli Nann. Very tasty and with a tad of heat from the Nann just about right. About 8:15 we said TTFN and I went home just in time to meet Mrs EB back from her trip to London.

Part 2

Bassets Pole; We popped over to the Reindeers Stable to pick up Mrs Freelancenerd and then went to the Pole so Mrs EB could have some tea, Gammon and Pineapple looked and smelt very tasty I had fruit juice Mrs EB and Mrs Freelancenerd had a bottle of Red wine between them, well nearly as Poshbird joined us and she had a small glass. About 10ish Poshbird had a txt to say that some other guys where meeting at the PH.

Part 3

Park House; So we trundled off to the PH and met up with Becks, Martin, Elfie and Jen, again I had a fruit juice (Mr Healthy huh) and the Girls had a bottle of Red, now most pubs have flexi hours the PH at 11:20 on the dot it was get out of here now? I used to really like the PH and have gone off it over the last few years, it is really Smokey and customer service…yeah and how welcoming "You have about 1 min to get out !".

Anyhooo apart from the naffness of the PH staff and smokey atmosphere it was a really good night, Mrs Freelancenerd seemed to be relaxed and was having a nice time, Mrs EB was able to veg out (much needed) and I just enjoyed being out with friends, it was great to see Martin he always makes me laugh as does Dobby the House Elf. That was about it really, a great night spent with friends and Mrs EB, lets hope for lots more great evenings

On that note next Friday will be a Balti night at Café Garden, this is a special night as both Heidi and Jen should be going and having a curry!!! Heidi just needs to double check with Mo at Café Garden about the nut free status and then a Balti for them!! How cool. I have enjoyed some top curries there with Matt and with Chris and it should be a top evening. I could do with a rough Idea of numbers for booking. It will be about 9pm so that those doing yoof work and Aaron doing sex work on the streets can join us. Can you leave a message here, txt me, email or see me at Church or at the Bishop and I’ll get a booking. I'll need to book the table for about 9ish but if you can't get there till later let me know soI can tell Mo, I wouldn't want you to miss a curry!!!