Monday, October 16, 2006

Some Scary Holiday Photo's From Malta

During our last trip to Malta, a holiday I will not forget for a few reasons, one of them being on Saturday 9th September, a Dive was planned for Valletta Harbour. I had a slight ear infection so I couldn't dive. (bad news to dive with bad ears) Anyhooo Mrs EB, her brother Dave, Mandy and her partner David I, dived, Skip and Myself (yes the 3rd Dave on the holiday), stayed on the surface to guard the jeeps (a bad area for car break-ins) and enjoy the Sun.

A few minutes into kitting up a policeman on a Motorbike arrived and called me over, I duly went over to him, he said no diving today!!! then he said you can dive but you must only dive in this area, pointing the small bay area we had planned to dive, we said OK as we are diving HMS Maori a wreck about 200 metres out. He drove off. The divers went in and swam on the surface to the wreck and then went down. Within seconds of them going down a Police boat raced to where they had sunk looking for them (Heads virtually in the water), they waited for a good 10 minutes! What they expected them to do I don't know, they where 20 meters below them enjoying a dive.

Anyhoo next thing Skip and I know 6 mono propellered aircraft are racing over head in the harbour at death defying speeds and heights, literally inches above the sea and inches between each plane. I was so amazed I took photo's (I have a few more I will post another time) When the divers returned we laughed about the police Boat and went for a beer and food.
(Click on the photos for larger pictures)

Well the next day Sunday September 10th was a day that is forever etched into my mind. Here is another reason....... You guessed it, the inevitable happened here, two of the planes collided killing one pilot. Where did they collided? Where Mrs EB and the other divers had gone down the day before.