Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday a busy day

Well it seems Mrs English Blogger wants a PARTY!!!! So if you are a friend of either Mrs EB or myself it seems you are cordially invited. It is here at Châteaux Shegs on November 4th and is a Fireworks free night, the Moggies hate fireworks. Though Sparklers are to be sparkled. The bug zapper will be on (Chris loved that soooo much) and I can promise some nice food, Chilli Dogs, maybe the odd toffee apple. If you could let Mrs EB or myself know that you are coming so we can organise the food.

*Disclaimer:- May not be the actual people at the party and it may be a lot darker on the night

Today I have been at Cube for an hour or so, then I took Heidi into Sutton for a baked spud mmmmm and to the Litton Tree for a swifty. Heidi has become addicted to Noahs Ark on my Nerdy PDA level 45+ she got to!!!!!We then popped to her house and then onto Ruth’s for a chat and a mug of tea and home made flapjacks Mmmmvery tasty.

Taking Heidi back we noticed an elderly Gentleman fall over, he looked drunk, but we stopped and helped him into his house. He wasn’t drunk but just very unsteady on his feet and a little confused, so we stopped by the Police Station and let them know he was on his own. Lets hope he is looked after by social services. He obviously didn’t want us to go into his house so there is nothing else we could do really.