Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday Pt2

Well I did an hour at Cube, and that was fun. Then I came home and cooked tea, Fajitas Mmmmmm tasty. Then my friend and ex-colleague Richard O’Hagan called in on his way back home to Nottingham from taking his wife Panda to Heathrow. They are emigrating to Beijing, and I have bought his CDR for church. He is a brave bunny, I hope to one day Pop over to see him.

Well my brain is still in a muddle and I guess it will be for a few more weeks yet, I have never actually felt like this I feel like I maybe going through a midlife crisis? I don't know? I am in a place where I am questioning where I am and what I want out of my future. I guess at 42 I am allowed to have a midlife crisis, I just didn’t think it would be bought on as quickly as this I would also know a little more of it coming on.