Sunday, October 08, 2006

Romeo and Juliet- Birmingham Royal Ballet

Wowwwww I am was totally enthralled and amazed by last night. I have seen the ballet on TV and got bored. But there was no way I could have been bored last night time just flew by, the ballerina who played Juliet, Nao Sakuma just won my heart, she was so graceful and captivating she just used the dance as an extension of her personality or that of Juliet anyway, well that’s how I saw it. Robert Parker as Romeo was top banana he just flew at times.
The photo’s are not from last night but from the BRB website.

I have taken a bit stick for going last night actually a lot of stick I even got a txt from Malta last night asking if I was wearing a Tutu? but I honestly do not care, 2:30 mins flew past and the 9 ladies I went with including my Mum, Mrs Freelancenerd and Poshbird enjoyed it nearly as much as I did. I will defiantly be going back to the Ballet!!!!
Thanks for the invite Poshbird.