Monday, October 23, 2006

It's Monday again

Well this was a mixed weekend; Saturday day was quiet duplicating CD’s for Sunday, reading the News, cooking lunch and snoozing. Saturday evening was spent with some old friends we haven’t seen much of recently, fantastic food and a really nice evening.

Sunday I was on sound at Church, my old friend Pete Worth was guest speaker at Church it was really nice to see Pete again and to hear him, it was quite a few years since I last saw Pete but jolly nice it was. We popped out for lunch to the harvester then home for a snooze….always good to get a afternoon snooze in. Sunday evening and Donald did the service at short notice, it was excellent one of the best with some Dr Seuss thrown in for good measure.
Afterwards it was on to the Bishop for our usual chat and beer, Mullins Burger was there week which was good, nice to see him and hear he is enjoying collage, though he has obviously forgotten to take a razor with him!!!

I am guessing there will be about 20 at the curry Friday evening, if you haven’t actually told me you are coming along I need to know PDQ so txt me or email or leave a message here.

Well this week is the start of Holiday club!!!! More on that laters.