Monday, October 30, 2006

One of the many things that make me tick


I really enjoy comedy, from the Black and White’s of Laurel and Hardy and Abbot and Costello to brand new stuff like QI, Greenwing and Extras.

Humour is something I need, my whole persona just needs humour, I need to laugh I have a funny bone that needs tickling. I love to watch old comedy programmes like Morecambe and Wise (possibly the funniest double act ever) The Two Ronnies, Open All Hours, Only Fools…UK Gold’s output really. Paramount Comedy Channel is one of my favourite light entertainment channels as I enjoy some American Comedy like Mad about You (mmmm Helen Hunt) Two and a Half Men, everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens and Becker.

I was listening to a programme on BBC7 at 4am about Eric and Ernie this morning and it was amazing I could see them doing all their bits even down to the expressions on Eric’s face when he did his asides. I often listen to comedy on Radio and through that I have found some great TV comedy, things like The Mighty Boosh, Goodness Gracious Me, Little Britain all Radio 4 starters and BBC7 playouts. One of Matt and my things where to find new programmes to play to each other, and one of the last programmes I got Matt to listen to was “Old Harry’s Game” written by Andy Hamilton and is on Radio 4 and BBC7 it is an excellent comedy that has now run for about 8 years a programme I have listened to from day one, and one that was new to Matt. It is set in Hell where Andy plays the devil, sounds well dodgy but it isn’t and it is very funny and excellently written and acted.

At the moment Radio Comedy just doesn’t seem as funny anymore, so I am giving it a miss. I can’t enjoy it or get excited about it coming on. I guess I just miss Matt too much. I miss the chat about it with my office partner. I miss the reflection and the laughter. I miss us doing “Who’s on first?”