Monday, October 02, 2006


So I am in a brain muddle wondering what I should be doing next, and Donald preached on calling last night!!!! I just couldn’t believe it, I tried to listen and take it all in, and for the most part I did. I do try and dedicate each day to God and ask him to use me. I just feel I could use my talents more for him and maybe even earn some money doing it, I honestly believe that God gave me the talents I have as a sound engineer and I really would like to use them for the Glory of him? Or maybe I have some other ministry to offer?

It was a nice weekend: Saturday was spent in Brum and we got Mrs EB a IPod (an early Christmas prezzie, yes Robbie and Rudolph you will still be needed at Christmas). Then in the Evening Al and Jen came round and we had a Disney marathon of 3 films.
Sunday was Church day and we went out for a nice lunch with Lou and Martin to the Green Man I had Liver and Bacon mmmmmmm tasty. After church Heidi and I went for McD’s urghhh not very tasty, I think I really need to be in a McD mood, then on to see the Bishop and a beer. Shelagh was so busy yesterday as well she was leading Worship in Church, which was excellent and complimented Donald’s service to a T, then she left the Bishop early to do her presentation for this morning and didn’t finish that till after midnight.

Well this is a new week and God will be at the heart of it.