Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Archiving and Halloween

Well my Blog was getting very long so I have changed some of the settings and all my old postings are now under the archive tag on the right under the months.
Today is a sad day for me, as this time last year Matt and I played each other up so much. One of the first the first things I said too him as he signed on, was that he wouldn't need to wear a mask to cover his face today as it was halloween and he wouldn't be out of place when he walk down the road to pick up his news paper and he may even be given a sweetie for his trick or treat face.
Matt would always come back with something much worse and that was Oct 31st last year a whole day spent trying to out insult each other, I have a picture that Matt did and used as his avitar last year, and here it is, this is how Matt responded to my comments about him at Halloween.