Thursday, October 26, 2006

I can smell something very fishy

Day 3 of holiday club, was all about doing things for other people and not being selfish.

Clive and Ed where fishing off the stage I was putting various things in Clives net he was then reeling it in and showing the catch to the kids, things like a toy dog..a Dog Fish!!! He would also have sweetie fish in the net and eat those, Ed would have sweetie fish and throw them out to the kids. Anyhooo after a few fishing things a sword (swordfish) more sweeties . I would put a whole mackerel into his net. Simple, he would go to eat it and say I’m full and I feel a bit sick, I have been greedy.

Well this fish had been bought yesterday and has been about a bit and you could say a little worse for being out in a very warm Church, by the time we got to do this the first time it was a little smelly, by the 2nd time my eyes were watering I really don’t know how Clive actually had it that close to his nose without chucking up over the kids.

I went on a walkabout today and saw the games and crafts, the kids were just full of enthusiasm it was excellent, well tomorrow is the last day which is good and a big shame, I have had such a blast playing all week.