Monday, November 06, 2006

Bonfire Weekend

This weekend was eventful.
I have Reindeer Flu and have been dosed up on cough/flu medication, so I have only had the odd glass of wine or tinny of beer. Though I had a wonderful if not cold time.
Martin and Lou

Lou, Martin, Heidi and Dom

Amy Viv, Steve and Big Al


Saturday was spent preparing for Sat Evening, a top time with friends here at our house/garden for a fireworkless party, but as our garden is well placed and the decking is up high we got to see hundreds of them for free. The food was well eaten and not much was left, and a good time was had.

Elfie & Cath playing with Sparklers martin was Sparkler Monitor


Dave, Skip, Andi and Phil enjoing a chat

Shelagh enjoying her sparkler

Sunday... was Church, mmmm The morning was excellent it was a Parade service and was about Bible Explorers and was a top service, the evening was Tommy Cannon and Chris Gidney. Tommy Cannon was a famous comedian with Bobby Ball in the 70’s and early 80’s . He and Chris sort of told his story, it could have been excellent with scripting and a little rehearsal, I was there from 4:30 for this purpose? Tommy Cannon got lost with Sat Nav so that didn’t happen. Chris did a little comedy(?) First as a warm up and told the worst jokes(?) Ever finishing with a card with a naff drawing of a black baby that was supposed to be Shirley Bassey??? Would have been great in the 1960’s . Then Cannon came out and started well, and went on to slag off the Church, Vicars and Amy and her nice new cardie? How to win friends and influence people? Amy and music group did a wonderful job and sang a wonderful song to lead us into worship...shame it went downhill after the guests came on.

It's a Firework Pixie

Would you trust this man to set and light Fireworks?

We Did!

Julia enjoying the Fireworks

Then onto Aaron’s for fireworks... a nice end to the evening/weekend watching some fireworks with friends, Aaron and Martin setting them off and us watching to see if they were going to blow us/themselves and the garden up.

Did that "JOKE" and "THAT WORD" really come out of her sweet mouth?

All in all a great weekend, now I need to get some more cough syrup doon me neck.