Friday, November 10, 2006

A smile from TV

I saw the Catherine Tate show last night and found some of it very funny the one bit really did make me laugh, I don’t know the characters name, it’s the Am I Bovvered one anyhooo.

Well she is in a burger bar and her boy boyfriend has asked her to go steady or marry her, I am still not sure, but she said yes, and it was a joke…. So you can guess, her friend is being sympathetic and she's all... Am I bovvered? ….

Then she goes:-..... Look at my face..bovvered..NO!!…Do you read with your fingers? Do you listen to Books? Is your Dad David Blunket? Can you walk your dog in Marks and Spencer? I didn’t hear the rest I was laughing to loudly.

Anyhoo to make Ed happy I thought I would do a list of my favourite current TV shows

1. The Bill (ITV)
2. Dr G Medical Examiner (Discovery H&L)
3. Mythbusters (Discovery)
4. American Chopper (Discovery)
5. The Simpsons (SkyOne)
6. The First 48 (Discovery Crime)
7. Everybody Loves Raymond (Paramount Comedy)
8. Torchwood (BBC3/BBC2)
9. King of Queens (Paramount Comedy)
10. FBI Files (Discovery)

Now they are in no relevant order as it depends on the mood I am in.