Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Sailors life for me?

At the age of 16 in January 1981 (yeah, yeah, yeah I know you weren’t born then ) I set off to HMS Rayleigh in Torpoint, Cornwall. I had Joined the Royal Navy…I passed out 6 weeks later an Official Junior Cook RN, I went to HMS Pembroke in Chatham, Kent. 6 Weeks later I was in Sutton Coldfield, I wasn’t cut out for a life on the ocean waves. I was home sick and totally miserable. But I gave it a shot. 6 weeks after I left the Navy war was declared against Argentina over the Falklands..I was then a full Royal Navy Reserve and could be called up at no notice…I am so glad they didn’t need a Junior Cook that badly.

Yes I am in that lot