Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Deadliest Catch

I have been watching a programme on The Discovery Channel called the Deadliest Catch. It is amazing! it is true life on the edge stuff. These guys go out to Bearing Sea and Catch Crab, sounds easy doesn’t it? Mmmmm It is one of the deadliest jobs in the world! I had never even thought how crab gets in my sarnies really. Well these guys put to Sea in the Winter in enormous seas with swell of upto 15 metres with Ice growing faster on the boats than they can smash off. If they fall into the sea they have less than 2 minutes to be saved, which in all probability won’t happen…. Even the boats get swamped and sunk. These are very hard men with rules of their own. I have been riveted watching this series, I cannot think of a Job I would like do less than what these brave men do, but the pay can be fantastic, for a little over 4 weeks work one boat earned $600,000 and each member of the crew earned $45,000. To me it wouldn’t be worth it, but they are always looking for new crew members to replace to the ones who fall overboard.